Create, Edit and Convert PDFs into many Formats with PDFCool PDF Editor

Although we have covered many PDF converters in the past on our blog then you may be wondering why this PDF converter again? Well the simple reason for that is this is a free as well as powerful features packed PDF converter that can convert a PDF into many different formats, can help you create a PDF from scratch or even lets you edit PDFs easily which would be very difficult otherwise.

PDFCool PDF Editor can also let you open PDF files acting as a PDF viewer so in case you don’t have any PDF viewer installed on your machine then you can give this tool a try, since it is more than just a PDF viewer.

PDFCool PDF Editor lets you create a PDF file easily and also edit one using built-in features. You can easily add texts, delete texts, add image, change the fonts and also manage the images in the PDF file without any problems. The tool is so powerful that editing a PDF will become very easy to you.


But what appealed to me more than editing a pdf was its Conversion feature. The tool can help you in converting any PDF file into variety of formats like Doc, PPT, HTML, EXCEL, PNG, JPEG, RTF, TXT and XLS etc. Moreover you can convert these docs into a PDF file as well. The tool works both ways and is really helpful at many times.


Another interesting feature that I liked was the “EXE Builder”. This option can let you create exe files of the pdf files with you, which will help you open pdf files even in the computers which don’t have any pdf viewer installed. So if you convert any pdf into exe, it will open in any computer allowing you to read the pdf file normally (PDF to EXE, seriously?)

There is one more option that would interest you. Using this feature you can convert a webpage into a pdf file for later use. Yes, if you go under the File menu, and select the option of “Create PDF from Webpage” then it will open a new window in which you can paste any URL. The webpage opened can now be saved as a PDF file with all the images. Imagine this as a special browser that can save the pages as PDFs.


Overall the tool impressed me but you might see some advertisements from the developer in the tool in some versions. If this is not something that can bother you, then do give it a try.

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