Create Fake Facebook Status with Likes and Comments to amaze your Friends

On Facebook a person’s popularity is dependent on the number for responses that he gets in the form of likes and comments on his posts. If you think I am correct, then you should create a Fake Facebook Status / Conversation that exactly looks like the original Facebook Conversation but with lots of “Likes” and “Comments” which would be enough to amaze your friends.

In this article you will get to know that how you can create such cool chats and fake status. Though there are a lot of applications available that allows you to create Fake Facebook Status / Conversation but I didn’t find anyone of them perfect.

Even the functionality that those applications offer is also very limited. I have gone through many apps and as a result I have found out that Fake Book Status service is an appropriate service that can be used to create fake Facebook Status and Comments very easily. It doesn’t require any registration nor need you to create an account.

With this you can create funny status with different comments and likes easily, just like the screenshot above. When the first time you will visit the website, you will be greeted with a form that will allow you to upload image and you can add number of likes, time, date and comments as per your preference. When you will edit the items in the form, you will be shown a preview of the status at the same time above the form.

While using this service I found it easy to use and it was exactly similar to the one that we see on our Facebook walls. It uses the same size and style of fonts as well. I really liked it and hope you will like it too.

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