Create Icons from Images using Quick Any2Ico

There are times when you need to create some icons for your own use. Whether you are a developer or some webmaster you might have come across some situations when you need to put some icons in some of the apps that you have developed. Creating icon files are not difficult and if you happen to know some image editing tool like Adobe Photoshop then it becomes very easy but if you don’t know any of the image editing tools then you might face some problem.

Well there is one more way to create an icon file; if you can’t create an icon you can convert it. Yes, you can convert an image file into an icon file so that you can use it for your own purpose. There are many image to icon converters available but here is one that can not only convert an image file into an icon but can also extract icons from executable files like exe, dll and ocx files.


This converter is called as Quick Any2Ico and is a free portable program that can create high quality icon files from any type of image file or from the resource of a binary file. So if you have an image that you wish to create as a icon file, just use this tool.

To be able to use this program, you just need to browse the image file (which can be jpg, bmp, png or gif), select the output destination and select the icon file size (out of the many available choices like 16 X 16 to 512 X 512) and then just click the Convert It button.

The output quality of the icon file depends on many things like the quality, resolution, size and shape of the input image, and if everything is just appropriate, the icon file would also be of good quality.

The program can also be used in the command line mode but that it only for the people who like working in the command line. If you liked the tool, it can be downloaded from the location below.

Download Quick Any2Ico

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