Create Movie from your Facebook Timeline Content

Facebook had introduced its timeline feature some time back, while some people didn’t like this feature others enjoyed it a lot. It contains our events, images and other things. Now we have found one more way to make this cooler for you.

You can convert your content on your Facebook Timeline into a movie easily. With the help of a third party service called Timeline Movie Maker, you can create a movie out of your content on your Facebook Timeline and view all the moments in a video.

How to create movie from Facebook Timeline:

1. Just visit this free service called Timeline Movie Maker (link at the bottom of the article).

2. Click Make your Movie button

3. Allow the app to access your profile

4. And now you will see that it had automatically started creating movie for your from your content on your timeline.

You can share the video with your friends on your wall however only your friends who are added in your list can view this. Moreover, if you wish to make some changes in the movie, you can do that also like adding sound to the movie or any other thing.

You can share the movie on your wall, in a group, on a page or as a personal message but inside Facebook only. This means that you cannot share the movie outside FB nor download it to your local system. This is what this app lacks as of now but this not something which can be fixed in future.

So get started and create movie out of your Facebook Timeline content and share it with your friends. This is a collaborative project of Facebook and Definition6.

Visit Timeline Movie Maker

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