Create Notes with Notes Board extension For Chrome

You are aware of many applications that help you to write down notes. It is pretty obvious that more or less we all use these applications. As it helps to summarize our long working pattern. Today we are going to talk about very small extension available for chrome.

This extension is known as “Notes Board” which will add a small board to your chrome browser. Using this board you can write down small as well as lengthy notes in the browser itself. This board will help you to remember your task; you can write down any temporal data and can even save HTML content on your board. It has an option to use different colors while writing; this will help you to highlight your work.

You can make a lot of adjustments just as we used to do in Work like resizing your text, cut and paste your text and even can switch between different notes. But be sure that once you have written any note using a specific color pen, then you can’t change the color of the text afterwards. It even allows you to synchronize your Notes by clicking on the “Synchronize” button.

If you want to synchronize your content between different chrome installations, then you have to give this extension access to your bookmarks folder, so that work must be actively synchronize from the chrome menu: Options->Personal Stuff->Sync.

Overall this extension is really very helpful. You can use it anytime while surfing a webpage, a document or anything. Using this extension is not a difficult job at all. You can download this extension from the link given below.

Download Notes Board

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