Create or Convert Windows Icons from JPG, BMP, PNG Images

Searching for a tool that can create Windows Icon .ico files for you? I bet it can’t get simpler than this free utility.

Whether you wish to replace the My Computer icon with a pic of your choice or just create a favicon for your website. This tool is for you.

The tool is called ImagIcon that can successfully convert multiple image files from BMP, JPG or PNG image formats into BMP, JPG, PNG or ICO image formats. The tool offers you to save image in 16×16, 32×32, 48×48, and 64×64 sizes.


•    Drag and Drop files in the software window

•    16×16 size can be created which is used as Favicon for a website like the one shown below

•    Scale or flip the image.

So just drag and drop the image files on to this tool and create ico image files for you.

Download ImagIcon

3 Replies to “Create or Convert Windows Icons from JPG, BMP, PNG Images”

  1. How do you attach a fav icon like the one you showed created with Imagicon to you own website url so others see it when they visit your site? Our site is

    The domain is on forwardd to a page at another location. BTW, Microsoft says that they dosn’t domain name forwarding, and it’s not possible to forward from their domains. However, I figured out how to do it. We wanted to use PHP although PHP is under attack now due to what Confiker? or some virus or trojan. But I did figure out how to forward from their domain.



  2. @Rob White
    just upload the favicon with a FTP tool to the root folder of your site and do the following.
    Open up index.html, and add this line after any meta tags in the HEAD section but before the .

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