Create Time Lapse or Stop Motion Videos of your Desktop with Chronolapse

Sometimes it is required to record your desktop screen, it might be for some presentation or creating some tutorial. Since Windows don’t have any default screen recording software, we need to take help of a third party tool. Finding a screen recording software is not difficult but what if you need to create a time lapse video of the activities you are doing on your desktop?

Yes there can be times when you need to create a time lapse video say of your work or some tutorial on your desktop. In this case you can make use of one free and simple to use tool called as Chronolapse.


Chronolapse is a tool for creating time lapses and stop motions. It can take screenshots or webcam captures (or both simultaneously) at user defined intervals then help you process them into a video file.

The tool is free to use and can be configured to suit your needs too. There are some options that are available in the tool which you can configure like to start the screen recording to create a time lapse video you just need to click the Start Capture button in the Capture tab. If you check the Screenshots and Webcam option then the tool will periodically capture the shots after the set interval of time.

The Force Capture button lets you forcefully capture the screenshots even in the screen recording. You can also schedule the captures so that if you want the video creation to start at some specific time and end after some time. The tool also supports dual monitor support, picture in picture and other things.

There are many time lapse video examples available on the homepage of the software, check out this video to get the feel of it.

Download Chronolapse

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