Create your own Custom Cloud Server (Windows)

During 2012, cloud storage service has emerged as a new world of online storage. Google drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive, cubby etc. are the most popular cloud service providers. These service providers synchronize the content from your system and store it online. If you are somewhat privacy conscious then you would like to keep yourself away from all these cloud services. Or if you want to use these services then you have encrypt your data before synchronizing it to the cloud server.

What if we say that you can host your own custom server that is running on your own web server, or a web server that you have access to? A program known as OwnCloud is an open source cloud hosting script that can be easily installed on Windows or Linux based web server. However in this article we are going to cover only the process of creating cloud server on Windows only.

The biggest challenge to create your own cloud server is the installation on the web server. The minimum requirements you need to get your own cloud running on windows are:

  • IIS with CGI support
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Further you need to cover the following steps:

  • Install IIS with CGI support
  • Install PHP
  • Install MySQL
  • Install ownCloud from the link given below

You can check for installation instructions using the corresponding link- installation instruction.

After completing all the above steps you need to login to your web server to access the files there, or install the synchronization clients to start syncing data from local systems with your own cloud server. OwnCloud offers calendar integration and synchronization, access to a media player to play music, a photo viewer, and contacts.

Where the people are really very conscious regarding their privacy, hosting your own cloud is not a bad idea. This service will make the cloud available to users who do not want to host their files on third party servers. Especially for the business concerns who has certain regulations regarding the content sharing.

Download OwnCloud

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