Custom Screen Lock for your Windows using ScreenBlur

If you have a personal computer then it’s perfectly fine but it is not the case with everyone since most people have someone to share the system with someone. Hence it is very important to lock your screen before heading out somewhere so that no one is able to view what you have been working upon or what data you have in your computer. for this purpose, you can use the default Screen Lock key combination that is Windows + L, which is quite efficient too but too simple.

So if you guys are bored up using the same old Locking method and need a new locking procedure then here is a tool called as ScreenBlur. The reason why I am sharing this today is that apart from screen locking it provides couple of new features that might interest you like you can set up any custom image as the lock screen so that whenever your screen is locked, your own image will show up.


This is somewhat similar to the Windows 8 lock screen which shows some image. Also there is an option to put your desktop in a blackout state which means that you can instantly hide the screen with a black screen so that nothing is visible to the person. You can then unlock and enter the system as usual.


Using the tool is pretty easy too, as you just need to download, unpack and run the executable file to start the tool. To lock the screen, you just need to select the icon from the taskbar and left click on it but be sure to set up the unlock password so that you are able to unlock it by entering your own password.

Since the tool doesn’t require any installation, you can directly remove it too (in case you don’t like it), and just need to uncheck the self-starting option in the settings before deleting the package. ScreenBlur is found to work well on Windows XP, 7 and 8, so if you would like to give it a try, the link is right below.

Download ScreenBlur

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