Customize/Add Number of Tiles on Firefox New Tab Page

In the recent version of Firefox 13, the most highlighting feature is the ‘New Tab Page’ that has been added.  Whenever you open a new tab, you will find nine thumbnails (also known as tiles) of those websites that you visit the most. However in my view, what this tab page lacks is the option for customization of the page. You cannot change the number of tiles and add more if you wish to.

Anyhow if you want to change the number of tiles on the tab page, then here is the procedure to do so. An add-on known as ‘New Tab Tools’, is appropriate for accomplishing this task. It will allow you to change the number of tiles (per row and column) on the New Tab page.

You can add any number of thumbnails on the page from the add-on’s option menu. This will give you full control over your browser; so that you can figure out that how do you want your browser to look like. Thus if you want to add a number of web pages and bookmarks on Firefox’s New Tab page, install the New Tab Tools add-on from the Mozilla add-on page.

After installing the add-on, you are required to configure this add-on, so go to the option page (Firefox menu –> Add-ons –> Extension or type “about: add-ons” in the address bar and press enter) and there you can set the number of columns and rows that you require. But be sure that you enter the value between 1 and 10.

Now if you wish to add Bookmarks to the New Tab Page, you will need to go to the ‘Bookmarks’ menu and from there you can drag and drop the bookmarks to arrange in the tiles of the new tab page. The add-ons are really required these days to customize the browser in our own unique way so that we can enjoy working on these browsers else it would have become cumbersome to use these.

Download New Tab Tools

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