Customize Firefox by Adding a Vertical Toolbar

Firefox is a well known third party browser that is fast and efficient. Usually whenever we open Firefox program, we find horizontal toolbars. Not only Firefox, generally all browsers are limited to horizontal toolbars only. But if you have come across the recent version of the Opera web browser, you will find that the toolbar is displayed on the left side of the web browser window vertically.

These toolbars that displayed on the left/right side of the window are usually called panels. You can easily hide or display icons with just a click. Isn’t it great? Now you can add a vertical toolbar in your Firefox browser as well by using an add-on, Vertical toolbar.

This add-on for Mozilla Firefox will add a toolbar to the left or right side of the browser. This add-on will be proved beneficial for those who have wide screen monitors as they are left with a lot of white space on the either side of the window. Even sometimes people find it annoying to have a horizontal bar, especially when the horizontal space available is limited.

As soon as you install this add-on you will find that after restart a Firefox toolbar is added on the left side of the Window. Six default buttons have been added in the toolbar by the developer.  These buttons provide you options for browser history, download manager, the bookmarks, printing, full screen and reloading options.

You can add other items in the toolbar by simply dragging and dropping the item on the toolbar. This is really a nice add-on and is very handy too. You can adjust the toolbar on right side instead of the left one; you can set options for auto-hide or enable/disable animations etc.

You can even turn off the icons of the items from being displayed; only the text will be available. This customization can be done by right clicking on the vertical toolbar.You can download the add-on from the link given below

Download Vertical Toolbar

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