Customize My Computer and Control Panel items with Companel

My Computer and Control Panel contain items that are set by Windows by default, and there is no option of customizing them in Windows. Then what if we need to change some of the items from My Computer and Control Panel?

Adding or removing some of the items in the Control panel and the My Computer is not difficult any more. With the tool called Companel, you can easily customize the items present in the My Computer and Control Panel by either adding new items or removing those already present.

Companel is the updated version of the tool called Computer Customizer which was also developed to do the same work. The tool contains 5 tabs with more than 65 items that can be either added or removed from the My Computer or Control Panel.

Using the tool is very simple, you just need to download and run it as it requires no installation. The tool’s got good UI and glass view to give a good look. Check the item you want to include in the system and uncheck those you wish to remove.

The tool is designed to work on Windows and has been tested to work on 64 bit version, which worked fine without any issues.

Download Companel

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