Customize Windows 8 by setting up Pictures as Passwords

Windows 8 is the latest version of Windows OS. It has lots of new features and provides an entire new look. Look and feel of tablet phones, setting up of Metro Style UI, Picture Password, and PIN logon are the features never seen before in any operating system.

Yes, it is true that now Windows operating system allows you set pictures as your Passwords. This feature was not available in previous versions of Windows. In previous versions you had to create Passwords for authentication. Now Windows 8 offers you three different methods for authentication in Windows 8, setting up passwords, pictures and PIN.

To set pictures as your Password:

• Open charms bar window and click on Settings button to open PC settings

• Now choose Users option from the left panel and select Create Picture Password from right panel.

• You will be asked to enter your current Password

• Now click on Choose picture to create a picture Password.

• It will take you to the picture library folder to select your desired picture.

• Select the picture and click Use This Picture.

• Then the system will ask you to create a gesture by using your mouse

After creating a gesture click on save and your picture Password becomes operative. You can draw lines, circles, combination of points etc as a gesture. Now whenever you will turn on your desktop/laptop you will be asked to select a picture and to create a gesture to get access to your system. This is really some innovative way of logging in, isn’t it? All in all a stylish way to protect your system.

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