D7: Windows Repair Tool for Advanced Users

In our quest to make your computer problem free and so that you have a comfortable experience while using your computer, we are reviewing here one tool that can help you in solving most of your system issues. However we advise you to use this tool only if you know most things about the computer and are an Advance User unlike basic user.

This is a not-so-simple yet powerful tool called D7 which can help you in most of the things you can do on your computer. With system maintenance, malware removal to system repair and tweaks, this tool is capable of doing lot of things. You just need to download and run this utility and see whole lot of options for yourself.

As you can see there are lots of links in the program window, like System Info, Maintenance, Malware removal, Windows repair, tweaks and data restore etc. You can use any of these links. System Info link provides you with complete system information, Maintenance provides you with options like deleting temp files, updating system time, system restore etc.

There are lots of options in every link, which means you can do lot of things from this single tool only. However if you are not sure of on how to use this thing, then we will advise you to stay away from this tool as this could even make your system go worse if not used properly.

You can also go through the video on how to use the D7 tool.


This tool is meant for experienced PC technicians only, not for basic users. If you feel that you can handle so much of options, then go ahead and download this tool.

Download D7

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