Deactivate Windows XP with XP Deactivator

If you are unhappy with the license information of your Windows XP and wanted to change it without reinstallation then post would surely help you.

The tool is called XP Deactivator as it can easily deactivate your current Windows XP key and remove it from the memory. XP Deactivator removes your XP license information. This way you can change your XP product key. The tool is free to use and is fairly simple as well.

Once your Windows is deactivated, you can easily activate it again using the same tool. What you have to do is just click “activate”, choose “phone activation” and click on “change product key” after deactivation, and you will be able to provide a new key to your OS.

The tool is quite simple and small in size. It just requires .NET Framework 3.5 in the system to work.

Download XP Deactivator

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