Decode Yahoo Messenger Messages Archive Easily

While chatting with a buddy online through Yahoo Messenger, our chat gets archived so that we can read the chat later at some stage but to read this stored chat we need to login back into our yahoo account.

Here is a way with which you can read yahoo chats stored in your computer in the Yahoo Messages Archive and that too without the need of logging in. In other words, you can decode Yahoo Messenger’s message archive without knowing the password to login.

Archive-Decoder is an online free Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder or Reader that can read Yahoo Messenger archive files (.dat files) and presents them in a format that you can read. Using this you can also check your partner’s, kids’, employee’s or just anyone’s chat history.


1.    Decodes the message archive without logging in.

2.    No passwords required.

3.    Up to 20 times faster than the Yahoo! Messenger internal viewer.

4.    Online and free

What you have to do is just browse for the .dat files that gets stored in the archive folder in the computer and it will show the chat for that file. You can find the dat files in your user name folder inside “C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\Profiles” folder.

It works!!

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