Delay Start Services in Windows

You must have known this by now that you boot up Windows, there are many services that run in the background. When you open services menu, you could actually see what services are running, are disabled from running or are scheduled to run.

Yes you read that right, there is a new option in Windows (starting Windows Vista) that you can configure some services in Windows to delay start. Well not many people have known this, so thought of sharing the info with all.

If you want to see what all services are configured to delay start, then you need to start the Services menu (type services.msc in the Run box), sort the “startup type” column to find all the services marked as “Automatic (Delayed Start)”.

Although you can change the service startup type from any status to Delayed Start, I would recommend you do that only for the services you are sure that it won’t affect the normal operation of the system. Services related to third party apps like software you install are safe to configure.

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