Delete Data from CD Easily

Most of you must have known till now that deleting data from a CD or a CD-R is not at all possible, but to your surprise, here is a simple trick that will enable you to delete and remove data from an already recorded CD.

Why delete data from CD?

You will surely find this trick helpful, if

•    You want to dispose off the CD without the secret data burned onto it.

•    You have accidentally burned some data onto it that you think should not be there.

•    You have some data on a disk that you do not want it to be seen by other people.

•    Or just any other reason.

How to delete data?

1.    To be able to delete the data, you need Nero (CD burning software).

2.    Load the CD in the drive and open Nero.

3.    Click on Make Data CD option.

4.    Now in the add data section, instead of adding data, select the file you wish to delete

and click on Delete button right to it.

5.    Now just proceed as usual and burn the CD.

6.    The data would get deleted from the CD as you can see in the screenie I took on one of my old CDs.


•    Works only on Data CDs.

•    Though the CD will work absolutely fine afterwards, you won’t be able to delete any data further.

Got any ideas? Let me know.

7 Replies to “Delete Data from CD Easily”

  1. Here is a trick I’ve used in the past. Instead of deleting the file as you describe, open notepad and save it with the name of the file you want to delete. Now burn the file on the CD using the CD bruning software. Now the boot record is updated to the location of the new blank file and the info is deleted. I’m not sure if either of our methods will prevent someone from retrieving the actual file from the CD if they really wanted it, I’m sure it’s possible. They would just need to find the contents of the file burned on the cd-rom and copy it off some how.


  2. Thanks it usefull, now I want to have small free software that I can un-erase file/folders, do you have an idea or tricks?
    thanks very much

  3. hey plz tell me after having the date removed,can we than store music or other audio files in it?it’s CD ROM

  4. The data is still there on the CD. Its just omitted in the Table of Contents whenever you mount the disk in the drive. To retrieve the data back, all one needs to do is use a burning software that lets you see the previous “sessions” that were burned and then copy that particular session to the hard drive – usually as an .iso file which can then be read with an ISO reader or reburned to a new blank CD and viewed normally.

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