Delete File Permanently with FileKiller

There are many file shredders available and even I have once written about it, then why another information on the file shredders? The file shredder here mentioned is bit different as it guarantees that the date deleted won’t be recovered back.

This file shredder is known as FileKiller. It completely removes a file from your disk without leaving any track. It is very fast. The biggest advantage of using this tool is that it overwrites any deleted file with blanks or random data N times – where N is given by the user. Moreover it renames the file after deletion so that data recovery is almost impossible.

The added benefits of using this tool is that it requires no installation so can be used directly from the USB drive as well. It is free and small in size (in KBs).

So just ensure to use this tool only on those files which are not much important else you won’t be able to recover them back.

Download FileKiller

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