Delete Folders and Files from Any Location at Once with Deletist

Our computer has so many files and folders that we can’t even think of organizing them. In fact there are some duplicate folders and files and are consuming extra space from the hard disk which can be avoided. But organizing them is very difficult and a time consuming process. What if you decide to delete some folders, you will have to go and scan the system manually, isn’t it?

Consider a situation where you are asked to delete some folders and files placed at different locations in your system, what shall you do? Deleting these files and folders manually will take you ages (if the count is huge) and is a time wasting process. Here is a tool that can help you in this situation called as Deletist.

With the help of tool Deletist, you can delete any number of files and folders from anywhere inside the computer simultaneously without visiting the actual location. All you have to do is just feed in a text file having the location of the files and folders to be deleted, and clicking the Delete button will erase them at once.

When you drag and drop this text file on to the program window, the locations will get auto populate and in case there are some spaces in the text file, then clicking the Warning symbol (yellow triangular one) will remove all those so that the deletion process goes smooth. Moreover if you don’t want to take any risk while deleting the data, then you can select the option of “Delete to Recycle Bin” as now the files will go to Recycle Bin instead of permanent deletion.

You can use the tool on Windows and being a portable tool, it can be used in a USB drive too. Download it from the link provided below.

Download Deletist

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