Delete old Facebook Updates off your Wall

Facebook has introduced new system of timeline which shows your previous activities and people can access older content present on your profile page. It was very difficult to search the content by clicking on ‘older posts’ tab again and again. This timeline feature helps you to access all your activities arranged in a chronological order.

Sometime it happens that we post something that we don’t wish to be seen today by others but with the timeline feature people can easily see our old content, so the issue now is to delete that old content.

Here is a tool for android OS called Exfoliate. By this application you can sweep out content from facebook which you have posted even one or two years back. You can remove contents including status updates, images, videos etc. You can even remove the posts you have posted on your friend’s wall.

Using this tool is easy and you can also read the tutorial at the link mentioned below. So use this tool on your Android devices and get rid of your unintended updates. Exfoliate requires android 2.2 or above.

Download Exfoliate

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