Delete Virus from USB Pen Drive automatically with iKill

USB Drives are the primary cause of spread of viruses. There are so many viruses that use Pen Drive as a media to infect other computers.

It is also very difficult to safeguard our self from each of them as the chances of getting infected by a virus is always there; no matter you know how to deal with them. So to lower the chances further there is a tool called iKill.

iKill can prevent the spread of Viruses from Pen Drives and deletes the autorun.inf file as well as the viruses stored in the drive automatically. It scans the removable drives and deletes the autorun and virus files on its own.

If Auto Protect is enabled, it will automatically delete the harmful files present on the drive but if it isn’t enabled then it will ask the user what to do.

It is a freeware and very small in size. The tool is surely capable of saving us from infections stored in the Pen Drives.

Download iKill

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