Description of Thumbs.db and how to remove it

We must have seen this special file “thumbs.db” in our systems but do we know what is this and what is it doing in our system?

Thumbs.db is a small file mostly seen in folders or directories. This file is a cache of all the pictures and images in the directory (if present). Thumbs.db helps the operating system to list the images quickly and smoothly as thumbnails when we view the folder in Thumbnail view and this is the reason why it creates itself even after we have removed it.

Remove Thumbs.db permanently:

This file possesses no adverse effects and also occupies a minimum space but still if you want to remove it then it can be done as

1.    In My Computer, click on Tools
2.    Then go to View tab under Folder Options
3.    Now click on the option of “Do not cache thumbnails

This will stop the generation of thumbs.db file and you can always the delete the file if you wished to remove it.

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  1. Correct but we shall not do this as this helps windows show thumbnails faster as it would not have to load the same data again and again, and guess what it doesnt add any overheads in terms of processing or memory or storage space, and so far no vulnerabilities have been found in these files that can be used to compromise the computer system, so there are absolutely no reasons to remove them and we must keep it enabled…

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