Detect and Delete Keyloggers

These days we would hardly find a completely safe system with the discovery of new and new viruses, Trojans, keyloggers etc. Did I say Keyloggers? Yes, well the fact is Keyloggers are as much harmful as the viruses and Trojans are.

What are Keyloggers?

A Keylogger is an application that is made to record the keystrokes and store them in some file for later retrieval. Keylogger is completely hidden and keep on running in the background without any notification. They are a form of spyware and stores the keystrokes in a file in some encrypted form. These can easily give away your secret information like passwords to the owner.

Detect and Delete the Keylogger

1.    Open task manager and check the lists of the processes running in the background. If you do not know about the authenticity of any task look it up in the search engine.

2.    Type “msconfig” in the command prompt to know more about them and to even disable some of them.

3.    Scan your system with the Anti Virus and Anti Spyware installed on it.

4.    Download an Anti Keylogger as well to fix it if any Keylogger is encountered.

5.    You can try KL-Detector which can be downloaded from here. It is a nice Anti Keylogger that can detect and delete several keyloggers known till date. It’s a light and good tool available.

Happy and Safe Computing!!

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