Detect and Find Windows Services Running in the Background

Windows make use of lots of services to run properly, thus figuring out which process belong to Windows and which not, is a bit difficult task.

For every function in Windows there is a service linked to it which you can see for yourself by typing services.msc in the Run box. This will open the Services dialog that has a list of all the services used by Windows for its proper running.

But if you wish to check which all services are actually and currently running in your system then you can make use of this application called WinServiceManager.


1.    Small and free tool that require no installation.

2.    List all the Windows services running in the background enabling you to find out which service is legitimate and started by you and which one has started automatically.

3.    You can also remove or disable the service from the list and system.

4.    Displays more information like Company name, Running type etc.

By default the Windows Service Manager lists only the Non Windows services but checking the box at the left bottom reading “Show Windows services also” will also display the Windows services.

Download WinServiceManager

3 Replies to “Detect and Find Windows Services Running in the Background”

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    this website is very useful for us as speceiali Administrator to solve for any annoying cases

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    Amazing ha

  2. Since a years ago I wish I could have tricks to manipulate of ‘administrator’ name which is include as default in every windows based.

    Sometime I want to ‘delete or disappear’ the administrator ‘name’ in default account such as you can see guess,Administrator and so on
    How would I do that? is it possible to ‘rename or delete’?
    I dont want to any user can go in that priveledges
    Thank you

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