Detect and Protect Against Autorun.inf Virus in USB Drive

Almost all of us have come across this Autorun.inf virus file that infects our system from the USB drive. Autorun.inf is a file that contains instructions or commands of how the virus should be executed to infect Windows.

Thus protection against Autorun.inf is as important as it is against any virus. But it is quite difficult to guess whether the drive attached has Autorun.inf inside it or not without opening it. So here is a tool that will detect the Autorun.inf virus prior to the usage of USB drive.

USB FireWall from Net Studio is a tool that will stop the execution of all the malicious programs whenever an external drive is attached. The application runs in background task and alerts you immediately in case of try of intrusion.

It is specially designed for the Autorun.inf virus and warns you if the drive have one. You can now delete it from the USB without opening it.


•    Require no definition updates
•    Best for USB drives
•    Free and safe

Download USB FireWall

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