Detect Fake USB Pen Drives

In today’s world there has been a high increase in usage of USB drives (pen drives, memory cards) which are very efficient and used to transfer data and storage. They have high storage capacities ranging starting 1 GB.

Now the issue is to check whether these low priced USBs are fake or worth purchasing. So to detect this, we have H2testw tool which can detect whether your USB is fake or not in few simple steps. This tool is free and can be utilized to test the faults in your USB. Since we use these drives for storage of data and may be because of these fake drives there are chances for losing data, so it would be better to examine your drive before storing or transferring any data.

The tool is a freeware and can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the article. Originally the tool is in German language but you can also download it in English, however the homepage is in German.

Do try this tool if you need to save or backup any important data on some drive as your data is more precious than the fake drive. We would never like to lose our data just because of some fake and non working USB, do we? The tool is compatible on all versions of Windows.

Download H2testw

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