Detect Trackers tracking your activity online

The web is full of threats and it is not safe when visiting any fraudulent website. Well not all websites are frauds but there are many who track your activity and observes what you do on the web. A good website have their Privacy Policy updated on their page (we have it too 🙂 ) but a fraud website can still fool the readers.

A website who tracks you also poses the threats of spreading malicious programs, beacons etc and this is the reason why you should have some tool installed in your system to track them back. Now another risk involved here is that these tools might spread some malicious codes themselves.

Thus here is a tool called Ghostery that can track the trackers tracking you online and also lets you control the activity. Moreover this is free and safe to use. Ghostery is designed to detect the invisible web – tags, web bugs, pixels and beacons. It also provides you with the detailed info about the companies and services tracking you online.

Using this tool you also have some kind of control feature too, as you can block scripts from companies that you don’t trust, delete local shared objects, and even block images and iframes. The tool is easy to use too, just install it and it will warn you whenever it comes across any kind of suspicious activity when you are online.

Well not all services that it detects are fraud but the ones which tracks you.

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  1. I tried to download ghostery for Internet Explorer, but it would not let me. Do you have any ideas as to why I couldn’t get it?

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