How to Detect Wakelocks in Android Device without Root

Most of us today are using Android devices and are struggling with fast battery drain. Well, one of the causes for this issue can be Wakelocks in your device or phone.

What is Wakelock?

As the name suggests, wakelock means that there is some kind of lock that is preventing your phone to go to sleep and stay awake.

Why should you bother?

Every phone/device has its own system of saving battery. It starts by dimming the screen and them turning it off completely when idle. What if there are apps in your phone that are still using your battery without your knowledge and not letting your phone to sleep? Your phone will consume a lot of battery and that too very fast.

How to Detect Wakelock Issue?

Detecting wakelock is easy but not which application is creating one. You can go to your battery usage and track top users to see if they have any process called as “Stay Awake”. If they do, it means they are not letting your phone to sleep by creating a wakelock. See screenshot below.

How to Fix Wakelock issue?

Now comes the tricky part. Thankfully we have an app in the play store called as Wakelock Detector that can detect the wakelocks for us and also tell us who the culprits are. But this is not that easy, as it requires your phone to be rooted. For a regular user this can be a huge ask, so I am presenting below the steps to use wakelock detector app without root.


1. First step is to enable the Developer Options and then USB Debugging mode in your phone. You wont see that by default, but go to Settings -> System -> About Device -> Build Number. Tab on this build number for 7-8 times and it will be shown automatically in the System tab.

2. Now go to Developer Options, and enable the USB Debugging option. This is required for the app to work.

3. Next is to download the app called Wakelock Detector Lite. Make sure to install this version only and not the Root version as this version is designed to run without root. You may wish to purchase the premier version called as Full Pack for a small fee if you really like this app. Download it from here.

Don’t run the app as of now because you wont see any data as it needs root access (as seen above) instead go to next step.

4. Now you need to login to a computer and install a Chrome extension called as Wakelock Unlocker (of course you need Chrome browser as well). Follow this link to install the extension.

5. Now if you are using Windows, you need Universal ADB Driver as well otherwise you wont see any devices in the Chrome Wakelock Unlocker. Click here to download that.

6. Now connect your phone via USB cable with your computer and ensure USB Debugging is enabled in your phone.

7. Try refreshing the Chrome Wakelock Unlocker and starting server to see if your phone is connected, chances are it wont show in the first attempt. In this case, close Chrome unlocker, remove phone, and start the ADB server manually from your installation (in Start menu), start Chrome WLD Unlcoker and connect the phone again. This time you should see some message in your phone saying that your RSA fingerprint is XX.XX. etc. Click Ok on that. Your phone should connect now.

8. Click on the Grant Battery Stats on the Chrome unlocker to enable the Wakelock Detector app on your phone. The icon will now change to Thumb Up which means it’s done.

That’s it, your app should be configured now and ready to use in your phone. If you are feeling these steps are too hard to grasp by reading, here is a step by step video that I have done on mine to help you ease a lot.

Remember to give your WLD app some time to gather statistics off your phone. I am sure you will be shocked to see some of your favorite apps are consuming battery a lot by creating wakelocks in your phone which you were not aware of. Reading the data is easy too, app with most used time and most X factor (meaning most wakelock occurences) has been creating the most wakelocks.

Now that you have found out which apps are the culprits, there is not much you can do to fix that issue as it has be to fixed by the app developer. You can only uninstall that app to get rid of something that is not letting your phone sleep.

I am gonna publish another post to increase your Android phone’s battery life as well. If you liked this post then share and let me know in the comment box below.

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