Determine Fake Facebook Profiles by analyzing with FB Checker

If Social websites have advantages then it also comes with some disadvantages. Since it is so easy to create a profile on any social website anyone can create a profile in minutes. These days if you see any social website and not just Facebook then you will find that it is full of fake profiles. I have seen some same photos of a person with different names and that too on different social websites. Clearly fake profiles are not good as you never know what their intentions are after you add them.

People create false accounts in order to advertise or simply get attention. Most of them put photos of some attractive person to gain attention and thereby adding you to their list. Facebook too is not spared by fake and fraud profiles. So if you wish to scan and analyze a profile of someone you feel looks fake, then here is a tool for that too. This tool is called FB Checker and as the name suggests, it helps you to check and analyze the profile of someone you are visiting at the moment. It will then let you know if the profile is fake or not.

How FB Checker works:

1. You need to download and install this app called FB Checker and when you run it for the first time it will ask for your FB login. After logging in, you can leave it running in the background.


2. Now browse Facebook as you do normally in your favorite browser. You will see that whenever you open a profile, it gets automatically loaded in the FB Checker (present in the system tray).

3. To scan some profile, you need to view the photos of the profile in your browser and those will be loaded into the tool as well. Just make sure you view only the person’s photos and not any other photos like flowers, gags or he/she with a group of friends (as it would fetch more accurate results).


4. Now you will need to select the images to scan. Manually select the images and click the Analyze Profile button. The scan might take some time depending upon the number of the images selected.


5. On the next results page you will see the photo and the links of the web pages where this photo has also been found.


So doing this you can easily find out if the profile is fake or not. The tool is compatible on Windows all versions.

Download FB Checker

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