Determine the Memory Usage of Add-ons Active in Firefox

If you have been surfing the internet for a long time now then you might have seen this situation in which you install a new browser which works very fast initially but gradually starts taking lot of time to load and open pages. You might have also noticed sudden rise in memory consumption when you run your browser.

Well the simple answer to this situation is that your browser had tuned sluggish. While cleaning the temporary and cached files help but not so much that your browser will turn fast again. Then what is it that is making your browser slow? Well these are the add-ons that one installs in their browsers for some added functionality that can make a good browser slow.


We all have many add-ons installed in our machines but over a period of time they make our browsers slow and if you have ever wished to find out which add-on is it that is consuming the maximum memory, then there was no method. Well here is an add-on for Firefox (yes another add-on to find out the memory consuming add-ons) called as “about:addons-memory” which can help you find out the installed and active add-on in your Firefox browser which is consuming the most memory so that you can remove it.

After installing this add-on you just need to write about:addons-memory in a new tab and press Enter. This will open some detailed analysis of the add-ons which you can observer to find out the slow add-on and later on uninstall from the machine. The browser is also listed in the list which shows the memory consumption of the browser due to the opened tabs.

You will see all the add-ons sorted by Memory consumption. It is not the add-ons that are consuming around 20 MB memory, you should kill, but the add-ons that consume hundreds of memory. The about:addons-memory add-on works great however an uninstall button right in the list would have been great.

Download about:addons-memory for Firefox

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