Determine Total number of Tabs opened in Firefox

This is a common issue to all the daily web surfers who like to stay online most of the time, like me. I tend to have lot many tabs opened in my browser since I don’t like adding bookmarks and want to visit some pages daily. This might be the same scene as with you.

Every browser also has its own style of showing the opened tabs, for example, Opera shows all the opened tabs in the same window whereas Firefox shows some tabs in the foreground and hides other in the background. These hidden tabs are to be accessed using the arrow button on the tab bar of the browser.

Now suppose you are required to count how many tabs you have opened in your Firefox browser, what shall you do to find out this? Instead of scrolling the tabs to count them, better solution is to have this add-on called Open Tab Count. This add-on can count the total number of tabs you have opened in your browser window and in case you have more than one window opened, it also displays the count from all of them.

The extension displays the count in the status bar as 3/15 which means you are currently on 3rd tab out of the total 15 opened tabs in all of your FF windows. If you like to jump to the first tab from any tab press Ctrl + 1, second tab Ctrl + 2 (and so on) while Ctrl + 9 will take you to the last tab.

The add-on was released in 2009 but works great on all the present versions of the Firefox browsers.

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