Dictionary .Net: Small and Smart Multilingual Dictionary

Understanding a word which is new to you is difficult or a word which is written in some other language may be impossible without the use of a dictionary. But dictionary tools consume lot of space in the computer.

There is a tool called Dictionary .Net that is a tiny and smart multilingual dictionary translating from/to 65 languages. The tool acts as a dictionary and also as a translator for those coming across new terms in a different language.

Dictionary .Net integrates Google Dictionary, Translate, Search, Suggest, Virtual Keyboard, Text To Speech, Wikipedia search, Bing wallpaper, and more Google APIs without the need of installing anything in the system. Yes that’s right, this small tool which is about 111KB in size require no installation.

Apart from providing you with the meanings, it can also translate words from one language to another and if you are unsure what language is that, just use the auto detect language setting.

Download Dictionary .Net

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