Difference between Laptop, Notebook, Netbook and Tablet PCs

With the rapid growth of technology we have seen lot many gadgets being discovered. There are many types of computing devices that are available like laptops, notebooks, netbooks and the tablets, all having their own purpose of use.

If you are unsure of what the exact purpose of these devices is and when should we use which device, then this article will help you understanding the differences between each of them.

Laptop and Notebook

The term Laptop and Notebook refers to the same device, which is a personal computer but used mostly when travelling. This device consists of all the features of a desktop like the monitor (flip-up in nature), keyboard, speakers, USB ports, optical drive etc. Laptops/Notebooks have screen size starting from 13 inches or higher.


Netbooks are smaller, lighter and more portable laptops as compared to the usual ones. This is a relatively cheaper device than laptops but also have lesser features than it. Netbooks have smaller keyboards which could be bit difficult to use, smaller screen of about 11 inches and also without the optical drive slot.

Tablet PCs

Tablet PCs are the small computers with touch screen functions. They have full size keyboard with the ability of the screen to rotate on its axis and can be used atop the keyboard. The screen can lie down on the machine to give a slate like form.

Thus you can decide for yourself, which device will suit you more before purchasing it in future.

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  1. Hi techguru,
    i fill very pleasure to see my answers of my doubts(regarding diff. bet notepad, touchpad n ebooks) which are published in this article.I m still not clear some doubts
    1. “Some people say touchpad is ebook” Is it right?.
    2. Are netbooks and ebooks are same?
    3. Are tablet pcs are also called touchpads?
    Pls guide me.

  2. apart from tablets, do remaining three support all conventional o.s? i came to know apart from laptops another two wont support all o.s. is that true?

  3. @Lavleen
    ** touchpad isn’t equal of ebook
    ** netbooks & ebooks aren’t same

    about the post
    this one is too much small but helful to get a basic idea about these tech gadgets

  4. Hi..

    I am looking to buy a tablet, can anyone suggest a brand which best fits my requiement as stated below
    Price : 12k to 15k, 2 GB RAM & Android kitkat 4.4 and above.
    Is it worth buying or should I go for Notebook.

    Please Help !!

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