Difference between Torrent and Magnet Link

If you have been downloading files and other stuffs from torrent sites then you must have come across Magnet Download, lately. I have been reading Magnet for quite some time now but never cared to figure out what the text meant.

So for all those who came across these terms like Magnet Link or Magnet download while downloading torrents, here are the details which will help you to find the difference between the two.

What is a Magnet Link?

Just as you downloaded torrent files for further download of the movies and other things, Magnet Link is a file downloaded directly from the seeders or leechers. In this mode of download, the file is not saved on the web server (like it is for torrents), hence the stuffs are downloaded directly from the peers.

A Magnet Link URL consists of several parts having info of the file to be downloaded in some hash values. You can read more at Wiki to understand the URL part.

Advantage of using Magnet Links:

• The advantage of Magnet Downloads for torrent indexers are that they are no longer required to store the torrent files on the servers, thus saving the server bandwidth and other expenses.

• The advantage for the leechers (or users downloading) is that the download can start directly independent of the reliability on the torrent indexers. This means that even if the indexer is down or closed for some reason, you would still be able to download the file.

• The Magnet Links are still required to be downloaded by the torrent clients and also support the start stop feature.

So what would you prefer for download from now on, torrent or magnet?

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