Dim Computer Monitor with Dark Screen

It happens a lot while using the computer and especially in the Laptops that the glare of the screen feels very uncomfortable to the eyes. There was nothing much that we could do except to reduce the screen brightness, but what if the minimum level is already reached?

This tool called Dark Screen comes to rescue. Dark Screen sits over all windows and provides a means of dimming the output between 20 and 90%. This can put a dark coloured screen over the monitor thereby reducing the excessive glare provided by the screen.

The tool is easily operated from the small icon in the taskbar and using this option we can also select the percentage of the level of dimming the screen. The dim screen would of course allow the contents of the page to be viewed but reducing the screen glare.

The tool is small in size and can be downloaded free.

Download Dark Screen

5 Replies to “Dim Computer Monitor with Dark Screen”

  1. I tried to load this on Win7 and it errored on install saying it “wasn’t allowed to instal on WinNTx”!!!!

  2. I tried downloading the setup file. But it is saying that the file might be corrupted and Kaspersky Internet Security 2010 warned me that this file contains adware.

  3. My antivirus program and also Malwarebytes detects this as “Adware.Rabio”. I am surprised this site would feature this file as safe.

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