Dim Windows other than Active Window

If you have a habit of opening many windows simultaneously while working on the computer then you can make the current active window bold while the other background windows to dim.

The situation can be made clear with the image shown above. This is done using a small utility called Ghoster with the help of which we can highlight the current active window which is in use at the moment while fade the other background windows.

Ghoster places a transparent image across the screen with the help of which it dims all the windows except the current one. The tool is very much configurable and don’t require any installation. The tool is quite small and can be downloaded from the link below.

Download Ghoster

3 Replies to “Dim Windows other than Active Window”

  1. Multimonitor support is broken. Also sometimes when you move window from monitor 2 to monitor 1, both the active window and taskbar are “active”.

  2. i agree, second monitor is not dimming at all. i found option in config, but is not helping.

  3. Not supporting multimonitor is a deal-breaker for me. How do you uninstall Ghoster?

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