Directly Copy Command Prompt output to Clipboard

Command Prompt or shortly known as cmd is one of the better ways of executing some command in the system. There are occasions when we need to run certain commands here and see the output. There are lot many commands that can be used here like the dir for directory listing, ipconfig for seeing the network configuration and others.

Some commands like ipconfig produces big textual output, copying which can be tedious if you do it manually. I have been using the normal way of copying the cmd text that is right click and select the Mark option to highlight and then right click to copy but this is not at all feasible for big text output screens or if the output is not in one screen.

Here is a cool and extremely simple way of copying the entire output to the clipboard so that you can directly paste it somewhere like the notepad and see the entire output text. What you all need to do is just, append a bar symbol and the clip command for instance to copy the output of ipconfig command, type in as ipconfig | clip

What this will do is, it will redirect all the output to the clipboard which you can directly paste in a text file. But remember this will not show the output on the screen now.

I didn’t know about this technique earlier, did you?

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