Disable Auto Execution of Autorun.inf

If you have come across pen drive viruses then you must have seen this file called Autorun.inf. This is a file that stores the instructions to be carried when you double click your USB drive which in turn leads to the execution of the virus stored there.

However you can prevent the most of the computer virus to spread if you disable the autorun.inf file to execute automatically. Well if you are thinking if this can be done easily by turning off autoplay feature then the file can still be executed if the pen drive is opened.


1.    We can make the computer to stop executing the autorun.inf file by some registry changes.

2.    Just download the reg file from here and merge it in the registry by clicking on Yes in the confirmation prompt.

What this does is it tells the system that the file named Autorun.inf does not exist and thus can’t be opened on its own. However if you need to open it then you have to do this manually using the Notepad.

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  1. Yeah we prevent the autorun from executing, but I wish my pen drive have a read only mode so when I plug it in to other’s computer it wont copy autorun on it.

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