Disable Autorun.inf Creation in USB Pen Drives

Autorun.inf is the popular file created by the viruses in the USB Flash drives which is used by them to spread across different storage media.

It is the first file that gets created in the pen drives as soon as the drive is inserted in the system having viruses. Thus it is for sure that if you prevent the creation of this file in the USB drives then the virus will not spread on its own.

Now to achieve this task here is a tool developed by OPS called Autorun Spreading Breaker. This tool helps to protect our external drives from the autorun file and thereby prevents computer to computer spread of the viruses.

The tool is free and is easy to use.

Download Autorun Spreading Breaker

3 Replies to “Disable Autorun.inf Creation in USB Pen Drives”

  1. hieee.
    for the removal of autorun from the pendrive. firstly explore ur pen drive …don’t open it…
    then try to del that autorun….it will be easily deleted from pen drive…..
    u can also try the paid antivvirus for doing that….
    jst try this…

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