How to Disable Candy Crush Saga Notifications in Facebook in 3 Simple Steps

Candy Crush Saga has been so much popular these days that all the game lovers have tried it one or the other time. I am myself, a gamer too but there are times when I don’t feel like gaming and neither being notified about it. It won’t be wrong to say that Candy Crush has been gaining popularity a lot these days.

Candy Crush has one such thing that the players need to invite their friends to play this game in order to gain some lives in this game, which is the reason why we all are getting the repeated notifications from our friends. This notification is so irritating that I feel like blocking my friend lol.

However here is a simple fix to this issue using which you can turn off or disable the Candy Crush (or even any game notification) from appearing and bugging you. This has been tested by me on my profile, and to my surprise it had allowed me to live life in peace for the last few days.

Steps to Disable Candy Crush Notifications:

1. So when you receive any notification from someone about Candy Crush (or may be another game), log into your profile and go to the Notifications tab to see the lists.
P.S.: This step has to be done from computer only.




2. Hover over the Candy Crush notification to see a cross mark on the right side which read as Turn Off.


3. Click on this Cross mark to open the option as shown below. Now just click on the Turn Off button.


That is all you needed to do all this while. Strange that it was so simple to do, yet we didn’t know how to turn off the notifications.
Well as they say, “better late than never”. By clicking this Turn Off button, you just made your life relaxed and peaceful. Candy Crush, well what’s that?

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  1. Hi Rajat,
    Thanks a lot for this post. I have been finding a post like this to switch off these notifications. My phone keeps buzzing day and night for this stupid candy crush.
    Thanks a lot dear

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