Disable Chrome’s new White Context Menu easily

It felt very strange when I realized there was something strange about Google Chrome browser few days back. I was wondering something had changed, what, I wasn’t sure of until I realized that it was the new white colored context menu. I am not sure when did it happen but it surely doesn’t look cool and contains some extra spacing too.

If you also felt the same and are wondering if there is some way to switch back to the old grey colored context menu there here are the steps using which you can disable the white context menu in Chrome browser. You don’t need any kind of tool or extension for this purpose, all you have to do is just append some command in the Chrome settings and it will revert back to its old state.



1. Look for the Chrome shortcut icon whether it is placed on your desktop, taskbar or may be in the Start menu.


I opened it by right clicking and clicking on the Properties button in the Start menu.

2. Right click on the shortcut to see something as shown here. We need to make some changes in the Shortcut tab.


3. Now go to the Target field and append the following code as it is but with a space in the beginning after the already mentioned value (as shown above).


4. Click OK to make the changes and restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Note: It might take couple of restarts also but it would work for sure. Also make sure that the command has space in the beginning and after the already written value there.
The old classic Chrome grey menu should appear if you follow these steps and in case you don’t want it again, then you can similarly remove the code to get the new white menu back.

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