Disable “Do Not Track” feature for IE 10 in Windows 8

Windows 8 Release preview brought some new and exciting changes and features in the UI of the operating system. Metro IE 10 is added in this edition of windows 8. Microsoft has enabled Do Not Track feature in IE 10 and this change applies to current Release Preview also. Do Not Track is a feature that lets you express a preference not to be tracked by websites.

The decision to keep it turned on has been taken by Microsoft but the privacy choice should be left on the user. However IE 10 is the only browser in Windows 8 to support, also claimed by Microsoft. Many websites are also supporting this DNT signal from IE10 browser but it will take a lot of time to be adopted by the whole Web.

You might be thinking that what is the need to disable this feature, thus to clarify this let me give you an example. Say for “Tailored suggestions” feature which Twitter suggests whom to follow from other users visits to websites you visit (Yeah! Twitter is tracking you for that feature). But twitter is now supporting the DNT signals and the tailored suggestions feature will not work.

Thus to disable DNT, what you have to do is:

• Open IE on your desktop and select Internet Options from the tools menu.

• Go to “Advanced” tab in Internet options and uncheck “Always send Do Not Track header” under the security option.

• Then restart the browser so that changes may take effect.

After all this you will see that DNT feature has been disabled on your browser and it will start functioning as a normal browser. Whenever you want to enable it again you can follow the same procedure. You can confirm DNT status for IE10 when turned on or off by visiting the link given below.


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