How to Disable Email Notifications on Google+

I have been using Google + from the day it started. It is really a good compliment to Facebook. But I have recently encountered a new thing related to this social network. I have been receiving notification e-mails related to new posts or comments on the social networking site. In actual the problem is not that big but sometimes it irritates me.

Thus I have disabled all email notifications on Google+ to reduce the number of emails. Then I realized that probably I am not the only one who is encountering such problems. So I have decided to share the method of disabling those e-mails with all our readers.

The first step to disable such emails is to confirm whether you are signed in to your Google account or not. If not, then click on the sign in button to do so. Then hover your mouse pointer over your profile picture so that a drop down menu appears. Then select “Account” from that menu.

This will lead you to account settings menu where you can make changes to your account. You are required to go through the 2-Step verification and then you will be able to check the products available to you, or manage Google+’s settings. Then go to the Google+ tab and it will further allow you to make changes for your privacy and notification settings. As shown in the screenshot above, you can adjust the settings according to you.

In this way all your notification settings can be easily configured. You can select some or all contents in order to receive notifications via e-mail anytime when they happen. Once you make changes, it will get automatically saved.

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