Disable or Enhance iPhone Power Off Menu with PowerDown Enhancer

For all those who own an iPhone know the importance of the button on the top of the iPhone. The button is not only capable of silencing the iPhone but also produce the power off slide menu when pressed for certain long time. So whether you wish to switch the phone off or prevent its misuse, the button on top is very important.

In case you need to prevent the power button’s misuse then you can also think about disabling the power off feature too. Since there is no provision in the iPhone that enables us to disable the power off feature in it, there is some cydia tool that has come to rescue. With the help of this tool called PowerDown Enhancer, you can let the users to disable the power off feature in the iPhone.

Not only this, the tool also provides you with some more options. Using this tool you can also replace the power off feature to some other option like Repring, safe mode etc. There are times when you need to respring the iPhone or enter the safe mode, which can be easily accessed with this tool.

When the tool is installed in the iPhone all you have to do is either toggle the power off menu to Off (to disable the Power Off feature) or reconfigure the Power Off menu to some other options which will change what pressing the power button to sometime does. While the function of the power button can be reconfigured to respring or some other function, the “Slide to Power Off” text that appears on the menu will remain unchanged. However it will have no affect on the function as it has been reconfigured by you already.

You can install the tool in your jailbroken iPhone from the Cydia store just by looking for it and it is free too.

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