Disable GoogleUpdate.exe Process running in Background

If you are more into process details then you must have come across this process called GoogleUpdate.exe. You must have noticed this annoying process after you have installed Google product like Google Chrome browser or any other Google Product.

What is GoogleUpdate.exe process?

GoogleUpdate.exe is an update process from Google that runs on its own in the background to update the already installed Google product and download the new version. The process runs in the background and checks for the updates automatically.

To update the product, what this process does is, it sends the version info, OS info and other user related info and download the latest version of the product. While this is not a problem to users having unlimited internet connection, this could be topic of worry for the users having some limited connection of the internet.

Steps to disable GoogleUpdate.exe

Disabling GoogleUpdate.exe process from the list is fairly simple; you just need to visit the active services window, type services.msc in the Run box. Just disable the process starting with name gupdate however killing the process at runtime, would also remove the GoogleUpdate.exe process from background.

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