Steps to Disable New Tab Page in Firefox 13

We have mentioned about the release of Firefox 13 earlier, with its exciting new features and improvements. New Home Page, New Tab page, Reset to Default feature and support for Tabs-on-Demand are some of the notable features. Those who have upgraded their browsers to this new version must have observed that when they open a new tab in this browser, they are greeted with a redesigned “New Tab” page.

The new tab page will display the thumbnails of 9 websites that you have visited the most. Whenever you click on any thumbnail, it will take you to that page instantly. It saves your time as well as you don’t have to remember the address of the Web Pages also. This feature was long demanded, as this feature was already available in browsers like Chrome and Opera.

There are two reasons for which, one may want to disable this feature in this browser. The first reason that I observed is that it takes some time to get a new tab opened. I can’t say that all of you must have experienced this or not but I did experience it, this is why I think it should be disabled. The second reason would be that if the computer is shared with others then you would definitely not like anyone to know about your most visited websites.

Thus if you want to disable this feature and want the new tab page to be set as a blank one then:

• Open Firefox and type about:config in the address bar and hit Enter. Confirm the security warning. Type browser.newtab in the filter box.

• Locate browser.newtab.url entry and double click it to change the String Value. Type about: blank (default is about:newtab) and click Ok to save the settings.

Anyhow if you want to set your new tab page to a particular website, then double click on browser.newtab.url and change its string value to a webpage, for example With this you will be able to disable your new tab page easily. Sharing the steps with others as there might be other people who also want to disable this new tab page.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know how to change my “new tab” I have set this to but when i power off my computer, the next time i open firefox all my preferences (including my home screen) have been re-set to default. Please advise…

  2. Usually this do not happen, have you tried updating your Firefox. Try installing the latest version and see if this is continuing.

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