Disable or Make your USB Ports Read Only in a Single Click

With the advent of USBs things have become very simple and comfortable. I remember working on floppy disks and other storage devices which were not that easy to use. But with comfort there comes sense of insecurity. USB devices can be used by anyone to transfer anything from the computer to the drive. What’s more, there is no way to tell who connected the drive to the system and for what purpose.

USBs can be used for bad purposes also whether willingly or unwillingly. Some one can connect a drive to your PC in your absence to transfer any of your confidential file or your children can bring in any computer virus through a USB device. Thus it is very important to keep a watch on your USB ports and the best way to do so is to block the USB ports or atleast make it read only.

We have shared some tools in the past also for this purpose but this one called Phrozen Safe USB is little different as it just takes a single click to do all that. Phrozen Safe USB can be used in following three modes:

• Fully Operational Mode: In this mode, there will be no restriction what-so-ever on the ports and the drives will connect and transfer as usual.

• Read Only Mode: With just a single click, you can change the mode of the tool to ROM. In this mode, any drive connected to a USB port can only be used in a read mode and can’t be used to transfer a file which means write protected.

• Disabled Mode: In this mode all the USB ports would be blocked which means no drive would be recognized. However your mouse or keyboard will continue to work as usual.

You can also change the modes of the program just by right clicking the icon in the taskbar. It would be interesting to note here that you will need to exit the program first before the changes are made in the system. You might also need a system restart (not in all cases though).

The program is free to use and is very light to download. You can use Phrozen Safe USB in all versions of Windows.

Download Phrozen Safe USB

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