Disable Preinstalled Applications on your Android phone

All android phones are by default filled with applications. Actually because of this fact, these phones are called smartphones. Have you ever noticed that there are many applications that are pre-installed in your device, that are of no use? Those applications are just eating up your limited memory which makes your phone significantly slow. The company didn’t even provide option to uninstall these pre-installed apps.

To fix this problem you have to root your phone. Once you are through with the rooting procedure, get Titanium Backup that will help you to disable or uninstall these preinstalled apps. Usually Titanium Backup application is used to backup your phones but the pro version of this tool can do a lot more.

Titanium Backup pro doesn’t completely uninstall the default applications in actual, it will freeze those applications. A frozen app will never run, but if your phone starts acting strange because that application was actually system-critical, you can easily defreeze the app and it would instantly be available again.

Let us take an example of uninstalling Samsung’s Voice Command application.  Open the Titanium Backup app and select Backup/Restore tab and find the app you need to freeze.

Select the “voice command” option and check whether it is the same application or not. If it is correct then after selecting the app, click on “freeze” option. As freezing is not a permanent option Titanium backup will not ask you for a confirmation. Now when you again try to open voice command, you will find that it is not getting opened.

In this manner you can freeze other applications, whether built-in or downloaded. This will help you to boost your device’s performance and will increase your battery life also. Just one thing associated with this application is that it is not free. You have to pay around $6 to get the pro app. But getting rid off from these types of annoying applications at $6 is somehow a good deal.

Download Titanium Backup pro

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