[Solved] Disable and Remove Facebook Timeline

I come across many people who are forced to have the new Facebook profile and the timeline feature even if they don’t like it since this is the truth and will roll over to everyone over the globe in some time. There was no way to get back the old facebook profile and disable the new timeline feature.

Recently, I came across a Profile Disabler that can do this for you. From the creators of FB chat sidebar disabler, there is an extension developed for Chrome, Firefox and Opera which will disable the new Facebook Profile and the timeline feature for you.

This extension is called New Profile Disabler using which you can disable the new FB profiles and timeline and get back the old FB profile look. I tried this on my browser and this works great.


• Disable the New Profiles and return to the Old Normal Profiles.

• Disable the New Pages Profiles too!

• It doesn’t disrupt your Facebook layout, unlike many other extensions and methods.

• You will be able to use the good features of the New Profiles (eg. the Activity Log) with your Good Old Original Profile!

This extension is free to use. An interesting point to note here is that it will disable the profile and timeline feature in your browser only whether you are logged in with your profile or someone else having another profile, both will see the disabled timelines.

Your friends who do not have this extension installed will see the new profile only, but if they have it installed then they will also see the disabled timeline profile both in friend profiles and fan pages.

Install New Profile Disabler extension

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